If you’re staying home this summer or looking to upgrade your backyard, outdoor elements are a simple way to elevate your poolside living. Whether you want to add the social appeal of a fire pit or create a spa-like setting complete with ambient waterfall sounds, we’ve got you covered. We’re breaking down our top five favorite outdoor elements and showing you ways to use them in the looks below.

Fire Pits:

Create a warm, cozy, inviting space to gather (six feet apart) with loved ones or step out for some self-care time. A fire pit is the perfect way to tie together a beautiful backyard space and create the ideal environment for a relaxing night at home. (Pictured: PebbleTec Cast Stone Fire Pit with Lava Rock Decorative Media)


If you envision a waterfall-like element coming from the sides of a pool, it’s all made possible with pool scuppers. Choose from our subtle Sheet Flow Scuppers, medium-flow Trough Flow Scuppers or make the biggest splash with our Chute Flow Scuppers. (Pictured: PebbleTec Copper Trough Flow Scuppers). 

Planter Bowls:

Enhance the natural ambiance by filling a custom planter with colorful flowers or lush greenery. Add an optional touch of water with our Planter + Water Bowls. (Pictured: PebbleTec Cast Stone Planter Bowl)

Fire Bowls: 

For nighttime swimmers, fire bowls illuminate the water and reflect off the pool’s surface for an eye-catching glow. Mix with water for extra drama with our Fire & Water bowls. (Pictured: PebbleTec Square Hammered Copper Fire Bowl)

Water Bowls:

Add a splash of life or relaxing element to your pool area with water bowls. (Pictured: PebbleTec Square Hammered Copper Water Bowls)

For even more design inspiration and ideas for your backyard and pool, explore our collection of The World’s Greatest Pools.



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