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PebbleTec stands behind our products—and supports our customers.

If it is determined that a problem is due to a defect in finish material, our PebbleTec team will arrange for the defective material to be repaired or replaced in accordance with the terms of the limited warranty. For defects in workmanship related to the installation of the material, please submit your claims directly to the select Builder or Authorized Applicator who installed your finish. For concerns related to our Fire & Water Elements, including fire and water bowls, please contact the licensed contractor who installed your product.

The limited warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the homeowner who originally purchased the pool finish or Fire & Water product. Our pool finish warranty only applies when installed by a Pebble Technology International Authorized Applicator. Our Fire & Water warranty only applies when installed by a licensed contractor. See below for more details.

Pool Finishes

Workmanship Warranty

Defects in workmanship relating to the installation of the material are covered by the Authorized Applicator who installed your finish. All claims related to workmanship should be submitted directly to the applicator.

If you purchased your pool finish through a pool builder and do not know who installed your finish, please submit the claim to your pool builder. They will then contact the Authorized Applicator to start the process.

Defects in workmanship are covered for a minimum of 5 years by the Authorized Applicator. These warranties are provided by the applicator or builder at the time of installation.

Material Warranty

All claims for defective material must be submitted to Pebble Technology International (PTI) in writing and must specify the defects present in the material. All water chemistry maintenance documentation should be provided with the submission of the warranty request. Defects in PTI materials are covered for a minimum of 5 years from the date of installation.

PTI must be given an opportunity to evaluate the warranty claim. If it is confirmed that the defect is in the material, PTI will, at our discretion, coordinate the repair or replacement of the defective material via one of our Authorized Applicators.

All claims must be submitted to the following address:

Pebble Technology International
Warranty Department
8435 N 90th St Suite 6
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

To help us to best address your concerns, please fill out the questionnaire by clicking the button below.

Fire + Water Elements

Product Warranty

1-Year Limited Residential Warranty

Pebble Technology International® (PTI) will attempt to repair any unit, when used as intended, which has proven to be defective in workmanship or material, preventing the proper operation of the unit when reported within one year of the date of purchase. This warranty is for factory defective parts only and does not cover any costs related to removal or install of replacement parts or the entire unit. For warranty consideration, contact the original dealer and provide proof of purchase, date of purchase, and the date of installation. The dealer will contact PTI to obtain instructions regarding the warranty request. If the unit is deemed defective and cannot be repaired, PTI will replace it with a new or refurbished unit. This warranty applies only to residential use of the unit. The customer is responsible for shipping costs, which may be reimbursed by PTI should the unit be deemed defective.


PTI will not be responsible for any asserted defect, which has resulted from accidents, chips or cracks caused by mishandling and/or impact with other objects or surfaces taking place at any time after buyer takes delivery of the unit, over-heating, freeze/thaw, misuse, abuse, repair or alteration. Under no circumstances, will PTI be liable for incidental or consequential damage resulting from defective units, improper installation, or improper removal. PTI is not responsible for any injury or mishap related to misuse, abuse or lack of judgment in choosing fire display locations.

Cementitious Based Components:

Non-structural hairline cracks along with shade/color variation are considered an inherent part of any cementitious product, not a manufacturing defect. Hairline cracks can occur at any time during the life of the product due to temperature changes and expansion and contraction of concrete. Hairline cracks are defined as cracks that do not threaten the integrity or stability of the product, nor prevent the continued and normal use of the product. These hairline cracks are not covered by the warranty. Calcium buildup and efflorescence are naturally occurring byproducts that are deposited on the surface of cementitious products. These can usually be cleaned and are typically harmless to the cementitious structure, only presenting a cosmetic issue. The effects of these surface deposits are not covered by the warranty.

Metallic Based Components:

Improper chemical balance of pool water may cause corrosive conditions to metal water features. PTI will not warrant products exposed to such conditions. Additionally, finishes offered (such as powder coating) are affected by factors like UV exposure and pool water chemistry and are therefore not encompassed by this warranty. Some components (such as brass fittings) may need to be replaced over time, as they will degrade when in contact with a dissimilar metal (i.e. copper). This circumstance is naturally occurring and is therefore not covered by the warranty. These components are designed to be replaced and this design feature helps to preserve the life and integrity of the copper.

Terms and Conditions:

This warranty does not apply to any damages caused by: (1) any failure resulting from unreasonable use or abuse, (2) unsatisfactory material choices by you or the installer, (3) accidental damage or element damage such as water or rain, (4) improper installation, or (5) damage incurred during shipping and/or delivery of unit. If unit is suspected of being damaged during shipment or delivery, buyer must notify PTI within 48 hours of delivery for a damage claim to be filed. Failure to notify PTI within the required time-period may result in no damage claim recovery to buyer. PTI is not responsible for the application of local codes and/or if the unit is not approved for installation. Please check with your local building department or governing agencies for prior approval before purchasing. PTI is not responsible for the actions and omissions, including negligence, of the installer. Installation workmanship and any materials used in installation are not covered under this warranty. Variations in handmade products are normal and not to be considered a warrantable issue. PTI will not warranty fire products in which a burner unit purchased from another supplier has caused damage.

This warranty is your sole warranty and sets forth your exclusive remedy, with respect to a defective fire and water feature. All other warranties, expressed or implied, whether of merchantability, fitness for purpose or otherwise, are expressly disclaimed by PTI. PTI reserves the right to make changes to the warranty program.


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