Across the globe, we’re proud of our award-winning PebbleTec pools.

From luxury resorts to waterparks, our stunning commercial pools are designed to thrill! With a dedication to aggregate design, sourcing, screening and expert installation, we deliver excellence time after time. Pool Builders all over the world know there’s no better finish choice than PebbleTec.

The World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes

PebbleTec’s history of success in Europe began nearly 30 years ago, and ongoing product innovation through the years has further fueled that early growth. Today, we are proud to work with select builders throughout Europe, as well as in the United States, Thailand, the Middle East - and beyond.

Here are just a few examples of prominent international PebbleTec projects.

Desert Diamond Casino
Arizona USA

Unique pools at this casino property feature PebbleSheen, Black Onyx.

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Boot Ranch Resort
Texas USA

Boot Ranch, an all-family private resort, boasts a set of PebbleFina pools in the color “Grigio”.

Photo Credit: Keith Zars Pools

Rulantica Waterpark

The planners of this award-winning Europa Park specified PebbleSheen as the finish for all its pools. The indoor wave pool was completed with Desert Gold with a blended transition into Cool Blue in 2019, and the spectacular outdoor amusement pool was completed with both Aqua Blue and Arctic White in March 2021.

La Cantera Resort & Spa
Texas USA

This four star resort is located in San Antonio, TX. The PebbleTec pool features an infinity edge, overlooking stunning scenery. (PebbleTec, Tahoe Blue)

Photo Credit: Keith Zars Pools

Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas
Golf Resort & Spa

This Hilton project was the first to be awarded to a PebbleTec applicator in Europe (2009). The expansive pools feature PebbleTec finish in a custom color similar to White Pearl. The resort remains a premier go-to destination for for Golf and leisure.

Conrad Algarve

The award-winning Conrad Hilton features both infinity and sensations pools, with PebbleTec fnishes specified for all pools during the architectural stage. (PebbleTec White Pearl)

Camp Southern Ground
Georgia USA

During summer months, Camp Southern Ground is an inclusive, residential camp—bringing together typically developing children, children with neurodevelopmental differences, underserved kids and kids from military families to participate in programs that challenge, educate, and inspire. (PebbleSheen, Aqua Blue)

Wadi Adventure Waterpark
Middle East

Wadi Adventure Waterpark is the site of our first major project in the area, where PebbleTec (Sandy Beach) finish was applied within a popular wave pool.

Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences
Palm Jumerirah UAE

PebbleFina - Ceilo Blue, Grigio, and Black Galaxy finishes have been chosen for the pools of The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences, a luxury development located in Palm Jumeirah, UAE.

Habitas AlUla Resort
Saudi Arabia

This breath-taking infinity pool was awarded the AD 2021 Design Award for Best Hospitality Project in the Middle East. Its Pebblesheen (Arctic White) finish gives the water a bright blue color, perfectly complementing the surrounding landscape.

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