World's Greatest Pools

Contest Criteria & Submission Form

Contest Rules

To qualify for consideration, PebbleTec pool builders must provide:

High-Quality Photography
  • It is highly recommended that a professional photographer (with a DSLR camera and tripod) be used for all photography to ensure the highest quality image possible. If a professional photographer is being used, please make sure that either (1) you are the copyright owner of the photograph, or (2) if the photographer is retaining the copyrights in the photograph, that the photographer understands how PTI will use the photograph and consents to such use. Please see the “Legal” section on the application form.Due to the high-quality printing of this oversized book (winning pools are printed at an impressive 22 inches wide), all images must have a very high resolution. Therefore, photos must be taken with a 24MP (or larger) DSLR camera with a MINIMUM native image size of approximately 6000 pixels wide x 4000 pixels high.
  • Photos must be provided in landscape format (not portrait).
  • All submitted photos must feature pools created using Pebble Technology International finishes. (Including PTI Fire & Water or Lightstreams Tiles is a bonus.)
  • Photos must NOT show any hoses in the pool or pool/yard cleaning tools around the pool.
  • Photos must NOT include any people.
  • JPEG, TIF and RAW file formats are acceptable.
  • Up-sampling lower resolution images with Photoshop or other software does not produce a quality image and will NOT be accepted.
  • Smartphone photos (Apple, Android, etc.) will NOT be accepted.
  • Drone images must be taken with a 24MP Camera or they will NOT be accepted.
  • It is highly recommended that a professional photographer (with a DSLR camera and tripod) be used for all photography to ensure the highest quality image possible.
  • Photos should be taken at the optimal time of day to showcase the most appealing aspects of the pool. (Typically, afternoon or twilight photos are best, though some pools that are surrounded by trees are better photographed in the morning or mid-day.)
  • Avoid shooting on cloudy or overcast days.
  • Avoid shooting late at night, as pool lights may skew the water color, making it unappealing.

Award Requirements for Prestigious Cover Photo:

To be considered for the book cover photo, your image must be taken with a 48MP+ camera, or you may provide an optional portrait image taken with a 24MP Camera (Minimum); Drone shots will NOT be considered for the cover. Note that all contest entries require landscape images, per our rules; if your image is chosen for the cover of the book, we will adjust the sizing to portrait format.

Permission to Use

Check the “Permission to Use” box to indicate that you have granted PTI full permission to freely use all images and support statements in marketing materials, social media and/or website. 

(NOTE: This is required to qualify for judging.)

Submit an Entry

If you select pool builders who have a showroom, schedule a visit there. Often, these showrooms display model pools, finish samples, tile options and decking solutions.

Once you choose your select builder, share your inspirational photo book to provide a clear understanding of the environment you wish to create. In most cases, the pool builder will arrange for an on-site visit to your home to evaluate the space and take measurements.

After the site inspection, the pool builder will create a drawing of the pool design for your review. Once the design is finalized, you’ll need to choose the materials. Based on your selections, the builder will put together an estimate for your project. This estimate should include all labor and material costs including electrical, plumbing, excavating, equipment, tile, finish, etc. Many pool builders offer financing programs if needed.

2022 World’s Greatest Pools Submission Form

The 2022 submission period is now open! All submissions must be received by February 15, 2022—and must meet ALL requirements on our criteria page to qualify for judging by our professional industry panel.

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For questions about this contest, please feel free to call us at 480-467-4006.  We’re here to help!