“For homeowners who want pool durability, there’s just no better choice than PebbleTec. Their finishes are resilient, color-lasting and easy to keep clean – and they last over 20 years, with good general pool care.“ – Cindy Gooch, Gooch Pool Plastering and Repair

We sat down with Cindy Gooch from Gooch Plastering and Repair to get the insider details on this project along with her top tips for pool remodeling. Here’s what we learned:

After a flash flood, these homeowners were left with a heavily debris-stained pool. With that experience, they requested a finish with the best longevity possible. We (Gooch Pool Plastering and Repair) immediately recommended PebbleTec because their finishes are not only beautiful, but also very easy to keep clean. Best of all, they’re known to last 20+ years with good general pool care, and they really stand behind their product with a comprehensive warranty.   This pool features PebbleSheen finish, in the beautiful color “Blue Surf.”

Cindy’s Top Pool Remodeling Tips for Consumers

  1. If you want to stay in the house, think about investing in the best quality possible.  (PebbleTec lasts 20 plus years if the pool is cared for properly)
  2. If you live in an environment with a lot of dirt/debris, choose resilient aggregate finishes
  3. Consider maintenance—Aggregate is so much better for maintenance and cleaning compared to plaster

Take a peek at the before and photos below. If you are interested in your own pool remodel, click here to visit our remodel page for a step-by-step PebbleTec remodel guide, tips for a successful project and more!



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