If the jewel of your outdoor space is your pool, an exquisite tile may be its perfect accent—bringing it to a whole other level of luxury. For a tile that really brings the sparkle, we love Lightstreams™ Glass Tile. 

Whether used throughout an entire pool or just on the water line, this jewel-toned, artisan tile just seems to catch the light; and each tile is handcrafted to be one of a kind. Made in America, the line is specifically designed for use in pools, spas, and other water environments. It’s twice fired for maximum durability, making it highly resistant to cracking or breaking over time. Silky smooth edges add the finishing touch for a luxurious pool experience. 

Lightstreams glass tile delivers stunning iridescence. Choose from Renaissance II and Gold Iridescent Collections in colors ranging from peacock, royal, and turquoise blues to elegant gold, silver, and bronze tones. Each tile—available in 1”, 2”, and 3” sizes—has one side of striking iridescence as well as a reverse side of deeply saturated solid color. There’s even a wide array of jewel inlays, accent tiles, and custom colors and sizes available to make a pool or spa unforgettable.

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