With pool season right around the corner, we interviewed Tom Fuller from Timeless Pools. He took us step-by-step through the remodel process and revealed his top tips for homeowners planning a pool remodel. Here’s what we learned:

Why do you suggest PebbleTec to homeowners?

  1. Quality control team: If there are any issues with a project, someone from the PebbleTec quality control team comes out and gets any issue fixed without bothering the homeowner.
  2. PebbleSheen receives a buffing instead of an acid wash, resulting in a smoother finish compared to any other pebble product on the market.
  3. PebbleTec pebbles are sourced from beautiful settings including beaches and they are pre-tumbled. This gives PebbleTec finishes great color that lasts longer without bleaching out and/or fading.

Are there any common misconceptions about pool finishes? Myth busters?

PebbleTec is not the same as all aggregate finishes.

How is PebbleTec different from other pebble finish brands? How do homeowners know they are getting real PebbleTec?

It is very important for homeowners to know what brand of finish they are getting because service and product longevity varies from brand to brand. PebbleTec is different because:

1.) It’s easy to clean – algae does not embed on the pebble/rock

2.) Color pigment is better

3.) Glass beads, shells and other materials can be added to enhance a finish

4.) PebbleTec’s warranty is second to none

5.) It’s the top finish product you can put in your swimming pool

6.) PebbleTec finishes look new for 20 years

Why is choosing a finish so important?

Choosing your pool’s finish is one of the most important investments you will make during your project because a pool’s finish is constantly attacked from elements including sunlight, extreme weather and more. You want to choose the best finish possible to withstand these stressors. That’s why it’s important to not cut dollars from the pool finish.

PebbleTec is only sold to and installed by certified builders and applicators. Why is this important?

  1. Exclusivity and value
  2. Professions are expertly trained
  3. True quality control

Moving onto the project below, what was the homeowner trying to change and achieve?

  • The backyard was neglected, included weird angles of concrete pours and the deck had a step up from the main patio (safety issue)
  • Their main goal was to create a more uniform backyard and gain more space behind the pool
To learn more about the PebbleTec pool remodel process and to get started, click here to visit our remodel page.



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